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Womens Levy Suede Ankle Boots Gianvito Rossi
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In the lobby of Marriott International’s 6-month-old Aloft hotel in Queens, New York, a two-foot-tall gray cylinder sits behind the front desk. Aptly named Botlr, it’s a robot that functions like a personal butler. Guests will often find themselves sharing an elevator with it as it delivers small amenities, such as tissues, toothbrushes and water bottles, to paying guests throughout the 18 floors of the hotel.

On Thursday night, I watched as Kimberly Ramos, the front desk agent at the hotel, placed a toothbrush in the robot’s hatch and programmed it to deliver the item to a room. On Botlr’s screen, which is no larger than an iPad, appeared two smiling eyes and the message: “I’m running a delivery.” It glided along the floor to the elevator bank, wirelessly called the elevator and took it to the fourth floor, right to the door of Room 409, where it waited for the guest inside to claim the toothbrush. Once the robot made the delivery, it quietly took the same route back to its resting place in the lobby.

“The robot is usually the reason why people want to come in,” saidRamos. “People hear about it and are excited to try it out for themselves.”

Of Marriott’s line of 10 different lifestyle-driven brands, two of them — Moxy and Aloft — were designed with digital in mind to attract consumers with the promise of memorable experiences they can share, said Amy Sherman, senior director of digital marketing for Marriott’s lifestyle brands. “Generally, with lifestyle hotels, people want more from their travel experience than just a bed and just the basics,” she said. “They want something they can tell a story about or have an experience in, even if it’s only for 24 hours.”

The newest brand, Moxy, which debuted in 2014, features a variety of playful experiences. For example, all 10 Moxy hotels contain a video wall that shares Instagram content from guests who use the hashtag #AtTheMoxy. The same content is then also featured on the Moxy website. The wall is what the brand calls the “Guestbook” and is as “a way to show the community what Moxy represents,” said Sherman.Guests check in at the bar using iPads instead of a reception desk and receive a free drink when doing so. The hotels also contain what Sherman calls “Instaworthy” touches and designs like stylish lighting fixtures, colorful murals and art from the region, and social contests. Guests can also try “selfie elevators,” which house features guests can share like picture frames or quotes written in lipstick, said Sherman.

It's ok girl, we support you. #atthemoxy

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Aloft, on the other hand, targets a tech-savvy audience in its 100-plus locations around the world. Although the branch launched in 2008, it is constantly updating itself. “Aloft is a incubator for innovation,” said Sherman. “We are always looking for guest-centric technology that [makes] life easier.” For instance, Aloft has experimented with keyless entry, a way for guests to use their smartphones to access their rooms; a portable wine cart that automatically pours wine when activated by a guest’s hotel room key card; and allowing guests to communicate with Botlr through mood-specific emojis.

[ verb in- kawr -p uh -reyt; adjective in- kawr -per-it, -prit]
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Origin of incorporate 1

1350–1400; Middle English < Late Latin incorporātus past participle of incorporāre to embody, incarnate. See , Dark Grey Wool Trousers Rubinacci i5uiQG
4 . embody, assimilate.
[in- kawr -per-it, -prit]
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First recorded in 1525–35, incorporate is from the Late Latin word incorporātus not embodied. See , DRESSES Kneelength dresses Alpha Studio sA79Im
Dictionary.com Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018
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Sally Kohn

October 23, 2014

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Kevin Fallon

September 18, 2014

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Raquel Laneri

September 11, 2014

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G. Harvey Ralphson

The Deaf

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Frederick Marryat (AKA Captain Marryat)

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C14 (in the sense: put into the body of something else): from Late Latin incorporāre to embody, from Latin in- ² + corpus body
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C16: from Late Latin incorporātus, from Latin in- 1 + corporātus furnished with a body
Collins English Dictionary - Complete Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012

late 14c., "to put (something) into the body or substance of (something else)," from Late Latin incorporatus , past participle of incorporare "unite into one body," from Latin in- "into, in, on, upon" (see (2)) + corpus (genitive corporis ) "body" (see corporeal ). Meaning "to legally form a body politic" is from 1460s. Related: Incorporated ; incorporating .

Figure 2. Effort and variability cost model.

(A) Maximum voluntary contraction (MVC) only correlates modestly (r = −.48) with the coefficient variation of that finger across all fingers and participants. (B) Predicted force distribution following the best fitting model (x-axis) vs. observed distribution for all participants and finger combinations (y-axis). (C) Parameter estimate (+−95% confidence intervals) for the parameters for effort (), normalized effort (), and accuracy costs () for all force levels. (D) Coefficient of variation (CV) for left: left finger alone, right: right finger alone, obs: observed in bimanual trials, pred: calculated based on unimanual CVs for the observed combination of fingers; opt: optimal CV based on unimanual CVs and optimal combination (Eq. 1).


We therefore fit the full model to the data and used Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC, see Womens Mousse Au Chocolat Dress Taifun 1JWjKckE
) sampling to find confidence bounds of the parameter estimates ( SF Air Force 1 Mid sneakers Black Nike HelggAJ
). To make the size of the parameters comparable - cost functions are inherently unit-less - we standardized terms to give each a prior equal weighting and constrained the parameters to sum to 1 (see FOOTWEAR Hightops amp; sneakers NR Rapisardi 9KvsB
). Therefore, the model had 2 free parameters. For all force levels, the unnormalized effort () had the highest influence, whereas the two terms based on the maximal strength () and the coefficient of variation () were less important. However, both latter parameters were significantly different from zero for all force levels (p<0.05). The full model predicts 55% of the remaining variance over a model that includes only ( Pawson pumps Pink amp; Purple PAUL ANDREW OMgame

To test whether the variability term contributed significantly to the fit, we tested the full model against a model that only included the two effort terms. To correct for the different numbers of free parameters, we used MCMC sampling to estimate the marginal likelihood of each model (see x REVOLVE Pauline Dress in Rose size L also in MSXLXSXXS House Of Harlow x REVOLVE Pauline Dress in Rose. - size L (also in M XL XXS) House Of Harlow YTBXeaKgOH
). The full model provided a better explanation for the data by a Bayes factor of (strong evidence, satin tapered trousers Blue H Beautyamp;Youth KR5A8i
). All other models including any one or two of the three possible cost terms were less likely than this closest competitor (and the results were confirmed using AIC and cross-validation, see Table S1 ). Thus, our data clearly shows the influence of both effort and variability terms in determining the distribution of work across effectors in a redundant motor task. Variability, however, only contributed roughly 13% of the overall cost.

For the given parameter estimates of effort and accuracy costs, the model also predicts a very small systematic undershoot of the target (see Methods ) of 0.065%. The mean observed undershoot was 0% in mean (SD = 0.34%), not significantly different from the prediction (p = .142). Thus, a model in which participants attempt to minimize effort and the mean-squared error can account for the data quite well.

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