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In short, "My spouses perspective and my own differ, but it is just that…perspective(a point of view)." The moment moral strings are tied to that perspective and things get more black and white, the more marginalized both in the marriage can become.

WHAT CAN YOU DO: – Stop making a moral judgement on everything your spouse does – Shift your paradigm toward 'this is my perspective, or this is my experience' in place of 'he is ignoring me or she is hurting me on purpose' – Create a safe place for your spouse to communicate his/her needs, hurts and even expectations – Start raising your hand when the hurt you have experienced from your spouse occurs…stop holding it it, its doing no one any good and it will only come out worse or sideways later.

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We just say Ouch!

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I don’t know how useful this blog is when no one responds to the heartfelt questions people ask here. It is not enough to write what people should know, but people are dying for a tool, a way, an example, some guidance. Please take the time to respond- Thanks.

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When it comes to the topic of resentment in relationship, we don’t come with a blank slate. Any question asked or answer offered is an iceberg: this much showing above the surface, and much, much more below the surface. Most of the responses I see here suggest personal experience with pain, frustration with not being heard or understood, and things along those lines. There are no small resentment issues from a female perspective, at least, because even small irritations (he didn’t rinse out the milk jug) trace into bigger patterns that mean “he doesn’t listen” or “he doesn’t value my contribution” on much, much larger scales. Now a small- scale irritation has turned into a relational identity crisis — and possibly before I’ve said a single word to my spouse! If I hold back until I know I’m not being unreasonable, I tend to start keeping records of just how often his choices irritate me, and I can build up a really good head of steam in no time flat. Did it just this morning in less than 30 minutes, in fact. In such circumstances, there are no easy answers. Simple or straight forward, possibly, but not easy. You have to work daily to communicate with someone who speaks a foreign language. Very often each of your heart’s concerns are getting lost in translation. So… using counseling techniques like a Talking Stick (person holding the stick, wooden spoon, etc.) gets to talk while the other listens. Then you trade. No talking while the other person had the spoon, only Active Listening. Me listening doesn’t mean just keeping my mouth shut while I think through all the answers I’m going to give my spouse when it’s my turn; it means I try to see things from his position while he’s talking. Another technique that’s helped us a lot is using a scale of 1-10. 1 means it barely matters; 10 means it’s life or death. “What should we watch on Netflix?” “We could watch X, but it’s up to you.” ” No, you choose. I like Y, butt that’s fine.” “Watching X is a 7 out of 10 for me.” “Y is only a 2 or 3 out of 10 for me, so let’s watch X.” If the resentment is an ongoing thing, then there ought to be an objective 3rd party. Whether 1 or both spouses see a trustworthy counselor, anything from family baggage to post abuse to unhealthy communication to unfair fighting patterns could be underlying the problem. So… not easy answers.

Chinese stories:
Chinese acrobats display flexibility and coordination

It is said that there are "two pillars" in the Chinese style of acrobatics.

there are "two pillars" strength in the waist and legs harmonious coordination

International recognition: Chinese troupes have won many prizes in international competitions. China has recently been honored as the country with the 'World's Best Acrobatic Performances.'

International recognition:
Shanghai circus type acrobats

Slingbacks Peter Hahn exquisit black Peter Hahn gqp3xSw2A
has "the best acrobatics in Beijing". The feature of the show is a group of motorcycle stunt riders who do amazing feats while riding around in a large sphere.

Beijing Chaoyang Theater Address: Show times:

Shanghai Circus World, ERA show : Foreigners like this show more than the Beijing Chaoyang Theater. So it might be China's best acrobatics circus performance troupe. This show uses high tech lighting and color effects more than the Chaoyang Theater, and it is said that it costs millions of dollars to stage it.

Shanghai Circus World, ERA show :
"The Legend of Kung Fu" Show in the Red Theater, Beijing.

"The Legend of Kung Fu" tells the story of a young boy who dreamed of becoming a kung fu master. This is probably the best martial arts acrobatics theater you can see.

"The Legend of Kung Fu"

The actors are excellent kung fu artists from all over China. The show combines kung fu, acrobatics, and dancing. It is produced to international standards by one of China’s leading performing arts production companies. There is an English language show for foreigners.

The actors are excellent kung fu artists Location: Show time:

Shaolin Temple was made popular by the "Kung Fu" TV series. It is more of a martial arts demonstration than a spectacular show like the others. However, you'll see a lot of acrobatics stunts performed. The troupe has demonstrated their skills for millions of people from China and abroad including many state leaders.

Shaolin Temple half-hour daily shows
Martial arts acrobats

We could save you the time and hassle of arranging the tickets and transportation. Our tours are hassle-free and individualized for our customers.

hassle-free and individualized Beijing Chaoyang Acrobatics Night Show Tour: The 11-Day Highlights of Kung Fu Tour:

Create your own dream trip: Tell us how we can help. We can arrange accommodations, tickets, and meals as needed.

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In 1897, in a two-week period while working at Bayer, Hoffmann synthesized both aspirin and heroin. Aspirin is still widely sold as an over-the-counter medication today.

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/ Historical Biographies

The German chemist Felix Hoffmann famously synthesized two drugs: aspirin, one of the most widely beneficial drugs ever, and heroin, one of the most harmful of illegal substances. These two drugs represent the efforts of late-19th-century chemists to create new substances that could be used as medicines, not just to isolate active ingredients from natural products or to imitate them.

One approach toward this end was to modify known physiologically active substances; another was to perform chemical operations on one or more of the myriad organic compounds created as products or by-products of the synthetic dye industry, which had developed in the 19th century and was particularly strong in Germany.

Joining Bayer Company

Hoffmann (1868–1946) was the son of a manufacturer in the town of Ludwigsburg in Swabia, Germany. He first found employment in pharmacies in various cities and towns around Germany and later studied chemistry and pharmacy at the University of Munich, graduating in 1893. Recommended by one of his professors, Adolf von Baeyer (who would win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1905 for his work in synthesizing dyes), Hoffmann joined the newly established pharmaceutical research department at the Bayer Company in Elbersfeld.

In the summer of 1897 Hoffmann was adding the acetyl group (CH 3 CO) to all sorts of molecules, with hopes of improving the strength or decreasing the toxicity of physiologically active substances. This strategy of “acetylating” molecules had worked with Bayer’s first medicines: the fever-reducing phenacetin (1888), which is the acetylated form of p -nitrophenol, itself a useless by-product of manufacturing blue dyestuffs; and the antidiarrheal Tannig (1894), which was acetylated tannic acid, a component of substances long used in tanning leather. As Hoffmann recalled 20 years later, the Bayer chemists worked by instinct and talked about having a “good nose” for discovery.

Legend has it that Hoffmann was searching for a medicine to ease his father’s rheumatic pains when he acetylated salicylic acid, the active principle in salves and teas made from willow bark and certain other plant materials. Since antiquity the pain-relieving and fever-reducing properties of willow bark had been well known, and in the early 19th century salicylic acid was isolated from the bark by several chemists. In 1859 Hermann Kolbe determined its chemical structure and synthesized it. In 1874 the Heyden Company near Dresden began manufacturing and selling synthetic salicylic acid, a cheaper product than the extract from willow bark itself. However, salicylic acid had unpleasant side effects: it irritated the stomach, and some patients were simply unable to tolerate it.

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